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Welcome to HIKARI Massage Therapy & Reiki 🌟

HIKARI (光) means "light" in Japanese. It is intended as light from a silver lining. I wholeheartedly believe, there is always a silver lining in darkness. 

HIKARI - Heart Mission:

To co-create a safe space to freely explore & express the inner divine guidance to shine our brights by fully embodying the love that we came to BE in weaving the dreams of our future as conscious leaders (creative BEings) from our heart-centered space.


When the heart/body experiences depletion, blockage, or emotional/physical stress, it is difficult for creativity, inspiration, or imagination to flow-in to express and experience ourselves fully and authentically. 


When we are ALIGNED with our authentic TRUTH:

💫 The heart opens, and we become empowered and inspired to feel the life-force within to unleash our deeply desired creativities!


When we are EMPOWERED:

💫 The mind & heart work together, and we feel a sense of infinite possibilities & potential to co-create our wildest dreams!


When we are in our true SOVEREIGNTY:

💫 The ego & spirit finds balance, and we experience a sense of knowing that each of us has a unique place on this planet to co-create as conscious leaders to build and create a better world that we want to see for ourselves and for our children's children!

My joy is in facilitating a space to witness the spark of soul lightening up filled with life-force in remembrance of who-we-BE.

Thank you for BEing the love that you came to BE! 

See you on the other side of your self-discovery!

With wild cosmic love,

Runa 瑠

A K I M I   Y . 


Hello, there! Many years ago, I took a leap of faith to pursue an education in Reno and graduated from UNR. Fell in love with the beauty of Sierra Nevada - Lake Tahoe, and Reno has been the place of my heart since..

Life happened, and it has guided me to take series of miraculous leaps of faith and led me to this beautiful path of healing within and with others. I fall in love with life in each moment of opportunity where I surrender to open my heart in trust to sing the song of life with the Great Spirit.

I am looking forward to facilitating and sharing the journey of light to healing.

With wild cosmic love,

Runa 瑠

L I C # N V M T . 9 4 8 3, R M T, K R M T 

*Sessions by appointment only.