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How fast the year of 2021 has gone by...! Hope this message finds you well as we enter the last phase of the Solstice of the year! For some, this time of transformation may come exciting, and for others, it may come with heavy heart. I feel the mixture as I maneuver through my self-evolution in becoming more aligned with my inner-truth each day. One thing clear in this path of mystery is that I have no regrets in choosing my truth and that is the only path I am inspired to walk & share. Easier said than done, so I humbly open my heart to welcome all the lessons that I may learn to shed my illusions generated from my old beliefs and paradigms that no longer serve my highest empowerment....💫🐉💫 May December inspire you to ignite your inner-knowing in what your heart truly desires in your path of authenticity, harmony, & integrity within.🌟🙏🌟

I have an exciting news for the coming year of 2022.💫

This is my first year teaching two classes in one month as typically I offer Reiki I & II class once every 6 month. Registration opens per request at this time, and I have been invited to host two classes! 🤩 This tells me the collective consciousness is shifting so rapidly and our light is transforming at an exciting rate! For some, you may have felt called or urged to explore the deep & powerful question(s) from the soul as: "What is my TRUE path of life?", "What does my heart REALLY desire?", "Am I on the path of my FULLest potential?", "What am I READY to let-go/release &/or honor?", For some, your body & heart may have been guiding you for deeper healing/expansion as your conscious evolution is being called forth..., For those who are in resonance for a conscious change, I invite you to the upcoming Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification workshop. This class not only explores the history & nature of the modality, we will also explore all the Energetics we each carry in our sphere of transformation with gentle Reiki meditations and gaining personal healing tools that we can apply to our day-to-day operations. This message will reach to the hearts-of-the-brave who are ready to claim their self empowerment in their conscious expansion with Ease & Grace. Change might be scary or intimidating at times, and Reiki can help us gently navigate through the mystery of self-discoveries in freeing the soul to soar beyond our expectations stepping into our FULLest expression. I am beyond excited to co-create this space where each of us are guided to inspire one another in honor of our divinity in who-we-BE. When the heart accepts to be lead by our inner-truth, we are exposed to infinite possibilities & potential..💫∞💫 Let the journey of heart-driven expansion begin...! 💫🐉🌈🌿🌍💜

Class INFO:

DATE 1: Saturday JANUARY 15 & Sunday 16, 2022

SIGNUP JAN 15 & 16

DATE 2: Saturday JANUARY 29 & Sunday 30, 2022

SIGNUP JAN 29 & 30

To learn more about the details of the Workshop...

With wild cosmic love, www.HIKARImassage.com


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Have you ever heard of a term Grounding? or wondered what it meant?

It is typically introduced in connection to meditation. It is a technique that may be utilized in everyday life where sense of peace and calmness to be present wherever one goes. It can be utilized without meditation. Starting a day with Grounding may bring a sense of peace and alignment within throughout one's day. Below is a simple definition and some steps to practice & explore the Grounding in nature or at your own safe space. 🌿

🌿 💫 🧚‍♂️ 💫 🌳 What is grounding/earthing? 🌿 💫 🧚‍♂️ 💫 🌳

Grounding is an act of connecting one's energy with the energy of Earth. It helps our body to release the energy that is not meant to be stored in our body. This helps neutralizing our body systems to a calm state which helps to feel like our beautiful selves in our own body.

When your energy/mental state seems to be unsettling, try bringing yourself to a safe space where you can close your eyes and surrender. (Outdoor - right at a beautiful tree trunk would be best but if not indoor is totally fine. :))

In such space, gently close your eyes with your left hand on your heart and your right hand above the other. Take a big inhale & exhale until you can hear and feel your rhythm of life within. This may come as a pulse, sense of unity within the body, and/or a sense of harmony within..

Once establishing a connection to your own sacred rhythm, gently bring awareness to your closed eyes and then bring awareness to your pineal gland. In that space, visualize the largest most beautiful tree you can ever imagine. This is a tree-of-life, the sacred tree.

With the sacred tree in your mind, feel the stream of sun light coming through its branches like a shower of light. Feel that light traveling the trunk illuminating its thick and large roots.

Place your hand onto the roots of this large sacred tree. Here, feel the pulse of the tree in its sacred rhythm. Take your time until you feel its rhythm.

Now, visualize your brain. From your central nervous system, through your spine, your nerves branch out from sacrum, into your legs through your feet. Bring gentle awareness to your feet and set your intention to let the branching nerves from your feet to merge with the big root of the sacred tree.

Take a moment to connect with the sacred tree. Every inhale you make, you are connecting deeper and stronger. Every exhale you make, ask for all the thoughts/energy that are not in your highest resonance to be released into the soil of Pachamama, Mother Gaia.

Take a couple more deep breath to feel the synchronization of your vibration with the sacred tree. Every breath cycle, feel your pulse and the tree's pulse to synchronize. Keep breathing until you feel a peaceful calmness as you become whole with the tree.

When ready, gently open your eyes... 🌿

🌿 💫 🧚‍♂️ 💫 🌳 🌿 💫 🧚‍♂️ 💫 🌳 🌿 💫 🧚‍♂️ 💫 🌳

May your day be filled with smile. :) With wild cosmic love, www.HIKARImassage.com


#Hikari #Reiki #love #hope #dreams #cosmic #angels #spirituality #shamanichealing #paganism #pachamama #gaia #reikihealing #healing #collective #collectiveconsciousness #cosmicconsciousness #spiritual #spiritualawakening #unityconsciousness #selfevolution #selfempowerment