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Opening the Heart to New Possibilities


Hello from..

HIKARI Massage Therapy & Reiki!

Thank you for the opportunity to co-create with love  🤍 🙏

Congratulations to

Lydia V.

Teya L.,

for the Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Level III RMT Certification!!!

🤍 💫 💛 🐉 🧡 💫 ❤️

Connection to Expansion,

Passion to Compassion,

Trancendence to Transformation

What an incredibly love filled courage filled weekend of initiation & activations..I'm in awe with the beauty of gifts we receive through this Earthly walk.. 💚 💙 💜

When we open our hearts and initiate to face what seems to be impossible to face, that initiation is witnessed as a sacred proclamation of the heart. The portal of the heart opens and sacred ceremony is invoked.

Where the Crystalline Heart and the Cosmic Heart meets, fusion of the dynamic love meets..! 💥

When we open our heart to learn our truth beneath & beyond the layers of sacred illusions, we can see the purest form of consciousness waiting to be witnessed, acknowledged, & honored from a place of non-judgement that is filled with unconditional compassion.

I celebrate all of us maneuvering through this courageous path of choosing love.. one conscious step one sacred layer at a time..🤍

The message has been coming that there is no need for rushing as our path will always be shown for those who are ready to walk in their authentic expression. 💛

Thank you Universe for the infinite love & support for our utmost healing and utmost empowerment on this Earthly love quest.

💫 💜 💫 🐉 💫 🌈 💫


Each class I get to celebrate the lovingly vulnerable growth with the courageous souls that sign up for their conscious evolution. I am forever grateful for each heart-expanding experience we get to share with one another!! Together, we co-create a loving & safe space to vibrate in our authentic sacred expression. 💗

💫 💜 💫 🐉 💫 🌈 💫

Reiki is more than a tool. It is a life style choice to align to the frequency of Reiki of universal love. It is an empowering path of conscious choice. 🌀

Usui/Holy Fire® III Level III RMT class empowers & strengthens the already-established connection with Reiki into a higher state of heart expansion as we navigate through our own high-heart activation. 💗 🐉 💗

Next class coming up for:

Reiki Level I & II - JULY 13 & 14, 2024

Karuna Reiki - SEPTEMBER 21st & 22nd, 2024

Please check the website for details. 🙂

💫 💜 💫 🐉 💫 🌈 💫

"Just for today…

Do not be angry,

Do not worry,

Invite the wisdom of gratitude,

Devote your heart in your expression,

Be kind to others - all living BEings."

💫 💚 💫 🐉 💫 🌈 💫

May the love, joy, & peace be with you..✨

To schedule a group class, please contact:

With wild cosmic love,

HIKARI Massage Therapy & Reiki


💫 🐉 💫 🦄 💫 🌈 💫

From my heart to yours..sending gratitude & love! 💗 🐉 💫 🌈 💎 💚 


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