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Together We Plant the Seed of Love 🌱



Hello from.. HIKARI Massage Therapy & Reiki!

Thank you for your continuing support & love in 2022 🤍🙏🤍

Sending you all my wild cosmic love! 💗🐉💗 

How was your summer solstice? My little girl & I have planted tons of flower seeds with prayer for the joy and love to be manifested for the path ahead for both personal and collective.

To share my personal journey a bit, these past few years have definitely brought me inward to my heart space. One of the first things that came to me when I gathered my thoughts for my Vision (Dream) Board was Bees and gardens. 🐝🌱🌻

I had so much that I wanted to list on my Vision Board of my micro & macro dreams, I actually bought 5 boards.LOL It did overwhelm me just to create a Vision Board, so I decided to dissect my VB project to focus on one topic at a time.🤪😵‍💫😂

My garden was my first heart-project. I pinned my dream compost on the board and all the beautiful things (trees, flowers, and veggie garden, etc.) to be a part of my garden. It took me a good year to just install the compost system as somehow in some way I was scared to step into my dreams of my sacred garden. “Didn’t want to make a mistake”, so I did way too much research.🤓

Little by little, I added flowers around my compost, I dug lots of dirt and moved my lawn space around a little to cultivate a space for the raised garden bed. Bought a tool to cut some tree roots to clear the foundation, experimented with applying natural oils to the cedar wood for the garden bed…my veggie garden is still under construction.haha

In all honesty of human emotions, this process has brought me so much emotion from a sense of failure to an encouraging wisdom and joy of just taking turtle speed 🐢 to every process…and much more. In the ebbs & flows of my emotion, the Great Spirit kept speaking to me and said, embrace and receive your abundance. So what, it cost more than you thought it should. So what, it took you way longer than you thought it should. So what, it doesn’t look like something out of a magazine…🌟 I was still provided with those opportunities. 🙏

This garden is me. This garden is my heart itself. I didn’t realize how much pressure I was putting to preserve my vision-of-love that I have for the “Vision”, and forgot about all the gems that are sprinkled along the way in the process to cultivate my vision. My little girl reminds me to find joy in the simplest things from the Earthworm that says hello from the soil. How funny the water drop moves from one point of my body to another… Slowing down every process that exists and to bring awareness to each step of the path I encounter with grace and joy.

I’m still working on my garden just to plant veggies to experiment and explore…, and I feel pretty good at where I am being led in this process..🐢💜 My inner child doesn’t care what & where the progress is as long as it is aligned with my true joy. (Wheeeeeeeee💛🐉💫)

Long story long, here is an invitation for a self-inquiry,,, Taking a good moment to stop & take a couple deep slow breaths. Place your left hand to the heart and the right one on top of your left hand. Inquire to your heart:

“Just for today, at this moment, where can I let my grip go so that my heart can be in the driver’s seat to show me the rainbow sprinkle and the yellow brick road that will lead me to my wildest Dreams?” 🌟🦄🌈 If you feel called, close your eyes to visualize yourself diving deep into your heart with this inquiry. What comes up for you? Once you feel the download of insights, jot down your thoughts. When complete, let’s send gratitude to all the guides, guardians, angels and ancestors and to your heart…💗 The thoughts we carry about ourselves are the seeds that we plant daily in our sacred garden. 🤍

🌱 How is your inner dialogue today?

🌱 Are the thoughts most loving and compassionate?

🌱 Are the thoughts self-honoring and forgiving?

🌱 Are the thoughts you carry in the moment aligning with your heart song/ your authentic truth?

YAS! Sprinkle that rainbow light and let your heart guide you to your wildest dreams..🧡 ~ May your heart be filled with joy and love! ~ Thank you for reading to the end..! HIKARI Massage Therapy & Reiki wishes you a happy smile-filled summer for you & your loved ones!!!

Thank you always for connecting with me from your heart space. Looking forward to sharing more smiles with you! With wild cosmic love,

Akimi 🤍🐉🤍


"Thank you Jaguar, for teaching me to live in peace & impeccability. Thank you Jaguar for showing me how to go beyond my perceptual death, so I may step into who I truly came to BE. Aho & so it is."


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With wild cosmic love,



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