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Welcome 2022! - and then WHAT??!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022



HAPPY NEW YEAR from.. HIKARI Massage Therapy & Reiki!

Thank you for your continuing support & love in 2021 🌟🙏🌟

Sending you all big hugs and light beams! 💫💗💫

Moving into the "new-year", what does transitioning to a new year mean to you at a personal level (and perhaps at collective level)?

For me this year, it is a moment to welcome & align with the new cycle in creation-of-life as a Conscious Creator BEing.

This means:

✨What each of us think matters

✨What each of us act upon matters

✨What each of us have in our hearts matters

Whether us humans consciously or unconsciously think, thought is a seed of creation. It births life. Conscious Creation is a powerful way to weave the future tapping into our innate creativity & imagination. Taking leadership and ownership of our creation starting at the level of thoughts. There are many ways to approach the access of this sacred place. For my personal journey/perspective, it has been immensely empowering and healing to connect with my shadow realms/wisdoms - the untended, unexplored, undiscovered, underestimated, unappreciated, protected & hidden aspects of self. This type of inner work is not a process of a day but of a life time (which is a gift in itself). Yeeeehaw!

This December was an intense moon reflection for many. 10:10:10:10:10:10! Completion, completion, completion, and then WHAT!!?lol

For me, starting with the big heartbreak that I apparently had carefully tucked in and waited for the "right" moment to unleash to feel and boy when I surrendered and initiated the uncovering, it was "painful" (ouchy) and hot-dang! = freeing (Yawza!). The heartbreak from coming out of an illusion of what I once thought was the way-of-life for me and into the elegant flowering of Lotus from the mud.

Coming out of this, I got to find myself in alignment & connection with my inner moon again...! This felt as though reuniting with my great friend that had parted ways for was awesome!!! to say the least.haha Nonetheless, "the work" has just begun for this particular adventure with so much more to explore & unravel..! So much gratitude to the message from all-that-is. 💜🙏🌟

So what's coming up?

This coming cycle, I invite you to a self inquiry in opening the heart-eyes, taking inventory of "what-was" and broadening the horizon of "what-may" by tapping into the light wisdom of future-self. This is a place of Abundance (v. Scarcity).

To start out the exploration, open your sacred space, grab your journal or not, perhaps set some candles, play meditation music, create altar with a soul intent, create a calm and quiet space where you can feel safe. There is no one way to do this so invite playfulness in doing so. :) Send your prayers/intention, and just for this moment, ask your Altruistic & Benevolent Helpers to help you set-aside the Ego, the totality of the Personality, any mental, emotional & physical distractions, any assumptions, attachments, & expectations to the outcome (and anything else you'd like to add).

Boldly and honestly ask,

"What do I want to experience in this life time at personal (& collective level)?"

and let your heart pour.

"In connecting with that dream, how may I align within? What outdated belief is ready to be released and rebirthed?" Is what you are experiencing in the moment, in full resonance of your true essence? Often times, the story = belief that we carry puts a spotlight to the single spot showcasing one perspective with animated emotion. What if.. we can pause the picture for a moment and step out, explore the scene by neutrally observing from many different angles of the situation? What more is there to be witnessed, acknowledged, & honored? Explore by checking in with the true intent in how we engage in our giving & receiving (experience). Are we expecting a return to our inputs? Tracking scores to make even?

When we operate from the field-of-plenty, there is no limit or condition as we are the infinite Wellspring to our Creation. What if our operating belief revolved around the belief that there is always enough in the field, and I give as guided by Spirit and I receive as needed by Spirit? Let's invite ease & grace to the space while you explore - let the inner wisdom gently introduce/reveal its truth through your heart..💗 Once you are complete with your inquiries, start your closing prayers by acknowledging gratitude to ALL of your guides, guardians, angels, and ancestors who have showed up to hold space. Speak as you have received all of your loving prayers.💜🙏💜 Great job! Additional ideas - take a nice Epsom Salt bath with hint of your favorite E.O.s (clean ingredients). With wild cosmic love, Runa 瑠


"Thank you Eagle, for reminding me of the mountain that I dare to dream of. Thank you Eagle for teaching me how to fly wing-to-wing with the Great Spirit. Aho & so it is."


January 2022, Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification Workshop.💫

I still have few more spots left for the Upcoming Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki 1 & 2 workshop. Please see details below:

Class INFO:

DATE 1: Saturday JANUARY 15 & Sunday 16, 2022


DATE 2: Saturday JANUARY 29 & Sunday 30, 2022


To learn more about the details of the Workshop...

With wild cosmic love,



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